Mike Conlin


Business Owner and Pharmacist

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Location: Jayhawk Patient Supply on 6th Avenue
Degrees and certifications:

gray arrow Registered Pharmacist (RPh)
gray arrow Fellow International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (FIACP)
gray arrow Fellow American College of Apothecaries (FACA)
gray arrow Certified Environmental Accessibility Consultant (CEAC)
gray arrow Certified Menopause Educator, North American Menopause Society (NAMS)
gray arrow Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Certified
gray arrow Fellow American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

Michael K. Conlin was born and raised in Topeka, Kan. As a child in grade school, he had the opportunity to have his family live in the Brookwood neighborhood near “Jayhawk Drug” and  witnessed the influence of a local community pharmacist upon the health of his family. During his outings after school to have a nickel cherry coke at the soda fountain, Mike admired the owner and “druggist” Bob Drumm for his personal and professional commitment to the community. During junior high school Mike learned the importance of his personal relationship with Mr. Drumm. Mr. Drumm gave Mike and other kids in the neighborhood a quarter for an A grade, a dime for a B and a thump on the head for a C. Bob was a part of the lives of every family that he and his staff cared for. This is a lesson that has stayed with Conlin throughout his pharmacy career.

Nearly everyone has a teacher that inspires them to push their limits and become someone more than they feel that they can be. As a young child Conlin was fascinated by the life sciences and the human body. While a student at Topeka West High School Mike was encouraged to continue his interest in the sciences by his high school biology teacher and mentor, Mr. Terry Sandlin. Conlin learned both the simplicity and the complexity of the life sciences and became fascinated by the principles of scientific proof. With the inspiration and encouragement of both Mr. Drumm and Mr. Sandlin, Mike enrolled at the University of Kansas in 1972. 

During his studies Mike did undergraduate research on the effect of genetics on the social and roaming behavior of Prairie Voles. This work included daily treks to the University fields of Douglas county to record the movement of these rodents, as well as drawing routine blood samples to be returned to the laboratory to be genetically catalogued. The Prairie Vole finds it home in central North America, so they were an easily studied species for genetic research. The prairie vole is an interesting animal model for studying monogamous behavior and social bonding because the male and female partners form lifelong bonds. The pairs groom each other, huddle together and share in pup raising responsibilities. Although a seemingly esoteric study topic, this instilled in Conlin the strength of empiric observations in scientific study. It is with fascination and awe that Conlin now sees the importance of the current study of the human genome. Conlin graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Cellular Biology in 1976.

Mike applied and was accepted to the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy in 1976. During his pharmacy education, Conlin had the opportunity to return to Jayhawk Drug, the corner drug store that he grew up around. During his pharmacy school education Conlin worked evenings and weekends to support his educational costs. This experience further instilled the importance of becoming a community pharmacist providing a personal level of patient care to help solve a patient’s health challenges. Conlin graduated from the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy in 1978, with his eye on becoming a community pharmacy owner in the future.

In 1988 Conlin and his wife Cathy purchased Jayhawk Drug from Bob Drumm. The pharmacy at this time was located in a large medical clinic in the hospital corridor in Topeka. Over the course of the next 30 years Conlin and his family have sought to become strong part of the Topeka medical community. In 1997 Jayhawk Pharmacy expanded its scope of practice to include Jayhawk Pharmacy Custom Prescription Center in southwest Topeka.  Custom prescription compounding offers Jayhawk’s patients unique medications that may be difficult to swallow or no longer commercially manufacturer but are clinically effective. Jayhawk Pharmacy Custom Prescription Center’s patients also include companion animals to solve their unique medication needs. Conlin became nationally accredited as a Certified Menopause Educator by the North American Menopause Society in 1998 and is the only pharmacist in northeast Kansas with this credential. Mike also holds fellowships with the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, the American College of Apothecaries and the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists.

Recognizing the need of his patients to have a complete continuum of care, Conlin further expanded the business model of Jayhawk Pharmacy by opening Jayhawk Patient Supply in 2009. Located near the Topeka medical community and hospitals, this durable medical equipment division of Jayhawk offers patients state of the art portable oxygen systems, light weight wheelchairs, noninvasive ventilators as well as portable wound vacuums.

Conlin’s original dream was to develop a 360 degree patient care model in northeast Kansas. Jayhawk Pharmacy, Jayhawk Pharmacy Custom Prescription Center and Jayhawk Patient Supply, collectively know as Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply works collaboratively with patient families and the regional medical community to anticipate the needs of their patients to provide a higher standard of care that is in the best interests of their patients.

As the first person in his family to pursue a university education, Conlin recognizes the importance of higher education. The staff at Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply are encouraged to seek professional educational opportunities for self-enrichment and to enhance patient care. The staff at Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply have sought and achieved the highest level of educational credentialing in their fields of expertise.

Jayhawk Pharmacy Staff Mike and Tara