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Welcome to Jayhawk Pharmacy Services

Four Health Care Divisions to Serve You Better

JAYHAWK PHARMACY AND PATIENT SUPPLY is a locally owned and nationally recognized health care provider that has been a strong community partner of the Topeka community since 1952. Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply is nationally accredited by the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA) to ensure our delivery of outstanding clinical outcomes and a very high quality of patient care for a wide variety of clinical conditions. There is considerable evidence to show that accreditation programs improve clinical outcomes and serve to reduce patient readmissions. By adhering to the stringent HQAA standards of patient care, Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply provides the community and the local healthcare system the assurance of partnering with the highest caliber health care provider. The basis of our patient care services is predicated upon “With knowledge comes confidence and understanding of our patient’s needs.
There is an increasing discontinuity between inpatient and outpatient providers and the level of care provided. Patients and their families have historically assumed a large burden in patient medication management after discharge. With four specialized health care divisions, Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply is able to collectively provide patients with a safe and financially responsible transition from hospital to home. We work to anticipate your needs and challenges. Regardless of an admitting diagnosis to the hospital, all patients deserve a safe and comfortable transition of care from hospital to home or from hospital to other levels of patient care.

Our professional care for members of the Topeka Community is based on our family owned business model based on our core family values. Many health care products are very similar. Unfortunately, not all health care providers offer the same quality of patient care and levels of service. Therefore, our patient centered focus is directed at providing our patients with the best service, care and quality for their health care dollar. Patient value and service drives the extraordinary care we provide our patients.

Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply team members are empowered to serve our patients. We recognize that our business in only as good as the people that we employ. We strive to allow our professional staff to grow and to flourish with Jayhawk. We continue to “Never Stop Improving” by challenging our staff to grow professionally and educationally. We encourage our staff to seek new and innovative patient care opportunities. Our collective goal is to provide our patients with state of the art durable medical equipment, thorough instruction to patients and their families, as well as our sincere commitment to improve our patient’s quality of life. The continuous family ownership of Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply allows our team members to make patient care decisions based on what is best for our patients. Each Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply team member is empowered to help our patients and their families overcome their health care challenges, while in full collaboration with patient’s health care providers and families. Each team member is empowered to act and solve our
patient’s health challenges in the most efficient and financially responsible manner possible. In other words, each professional staff member at Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply will ask themselves the same question: “Is the solution for the patient moral, ethical and in the best interest of our patient?”

Jayhawk’s staff of professional Registered Nurses, Registered Pharmacists, Registered Respiratory Therapists, Wound Care Specialists and Certified Mastectomy Form Fitters, work in collaboration with the local medical community, patients and their families to transition from hospital to home safely and comfortably. Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply staff works hard to anticipate the needs and wants of transitioning patients to help support their recovery and recuperation time.

Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply care model is predicated upon being good corporate citizens. Jayhawk works with every patient, their family and their life circumstance to ensure the proper level of care is provided. We are a nimble organization, with the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to patient, physician or a health care system changing healthcare needs.

The Jayhawk Pharmacy and DME Divisions Are: