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Welcome to Jayhawk Pharmacy Services

Four Health Care Divisions to Serve You Better

Jayhawk Pharmacy & Patient Supply is a locally owned and nationally recognized organization that has been a part of the Topeka medical community for over sixty years.

There are four distinct divisions of Jayhawk Pharmacy & Patient Supply including an independent community pharmacy, a customized compounding pharmacy, an Aging in Place division, and a full line Durable Medical Equipment division.

With four divisions, Jayhawk Pharmacy & Patient Supply is able to provide patients with a safe and financially responsible transition from hospital to home. With discharge medications delivered to the patient's bedside prior to discharge, Jayhawk is able to ensure that patients discharging to home have their medications that they need, when they need them. In the event that there is a unique medication need, the custom compounding pharmacy is able to prepare unique medications to ensure hard to swallow medications are taken as prescribed.

The Aging at Home division of Jayhawk Pharmacy & Patient Supply provides home accessibility and safety solutions for patients who want to remain in their home for their recovery and beyond. Whether that be weather resistant ramps for home access, or electric stair lifts, Jayhawk Pharmacy & Patient Supply will help ensure that a discharging patient will be safe and comfortable when they transition home.

The durable Medical Equipment division of Jayhawk Pharmacy & Patient Supply offers NE Kansas with state of the art portable oxygen systems, walkers, light weight wheelchairs, non-invasive ventilators, as well as portable wound vacuum equipment and service.

Jayhawk's staff of professional Registered Nurses, Pharmacists, Registered Respiratory Therapists, Wound Care Specialists, and Nationally Certified Breast Form Fitters work in collaboration with the medical community, patients and their families to transition from hospital to home safely and comfortably. Jayhawk Pharmacy & Patient Supply works hard to anticipate the needs and wants of transitioning patients to help support their recovery at home.

The Jayhawk Pharmacy and DME Divisions Are:

CPAP Refill and Breast Pumps

If you suffer from sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine or BiPAP machine, talk to the
Respiratory Therapists at Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply about our CPAP fulfillment
program. Jayhawk Pharmacy Services works with your insurance company to make sure you are receiving the replacement supplies you need to get the maximum benefit from your sleep