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The EasyPulse5 from Precision Medical is the smallest and lightest conserving regulator available.  It sets up just like a standard regulator and its size and weight make a perfect ambulatory package.  The plastic T-Handle is ergonomically correct for easy attachment to the cylinder by the patient.  If the patient breathes faster, the minute volume is controlled to deliver only the prescribed amount of oxygen which allows for predictable cylinder duration.  The conserver delivers a front-loaded tapered wave form and the entire bolus of oxygen is delivered in the first third of the inspiratory phase.  It is the only pneumatic oxygen conserver that uses a standard single lumen cannula and delivers a pulse wave form comparable to an electronic conserver, without the nuisance and unneccesary calls to clinicians for issues with alarms and batteries.    Most importantly, the EasyPulse5 reduces the amount of deliveries and related costs, tanks, and refill costs with its efficient 5.7 to 1 conserving ratio.  

For additional product information, including better pictures with descriptions of components, optional accessories, and instructions for setting up an EasyPulse with helpful pictures demonstrating use, click on the Product Detail PDF located below, under the Additional Resources tab.

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