Aging at Home

Our AGING AT HOME division realizes that not all transitions home is easy for the patient, their family or their caregivers.  Post hospitalization requires a rethinking of how simple issues such as entry into the home, stair way access systems and bathing issues are to be managed.  Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply works hard to make transitions back into the patient’s home safe and successful.  A healthy and successful recuperation at home requires expertise in necessary post-acute care products and services which are easily coordinated between the family and the health care provider and our (C.E.A.C) nationally Certified Environmental Access Consultants.  As always, our goal at Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply is to help our patients find the best quality and financially responsible solutions to patient accessibility issues. By offering weather resistant aluminum ramps for home entry, doorway threshold transitions, electric stair lifts or zero access walk in showers or bath systems, the Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply staff will help ensure that a discharging patient well be safe and comfortable when they transition home.  Perhaps a simple rethinking of where throw rugs, grab bars and furniture are located, the placement of a toilet seat riser, to a whole house evaluation of accessibility and trip hazards can make the transition home more accommodating for the recuperating patient. The National Institute of Aging (NIA) states that 80% of falls in the home happen in the bathroom.  Our AGING AT HOME experts provide innovative patient products and care services which serve to improve patient outcomes.                

We realize that most patients prefer to age in place, as compared to a nursing care facility.  According to the Pew Research Center, there are 75 million baby boomers in the United States and 10,000 of these boomers will enter retirement age every day for the next 19 years. We offer the knowledge and expertise for patients and families to make well informed decisions. Durable aluminum wheelchair ramps can be temporarily installed to enhance home accessibility and safety. Lightweight wheelchairs, walkers, lightweight manual wheelchairs, bathroom safety equipment and other home medical equipment are available through our AGING AT HOME division. Our collective goal is to offer the right product to safely and properly fulfill our patients needs in a financially responsible manner. SIMPLE SUGGESTIONS AND HOME UPDATES can provide several ways to prevent falls in the home.  Each year one in four seniors in the United States falls, and less than half seek medical care. 

Studies show that 95 percent of hip fractures are caused by falls, which can reduce life expectancy by 10 to 15 percent. There are many simple modifications that can increase the safety and convenience of any home.  More people are choosing to stay in their homes as they age.  By implementing some of these creative solutions to mobility and daily living challenges, you or your loved ones can maintain independence by AGING AT HOME.

Offering Aging-At-Home Equipment and Services

There are more choices for how and where we age than ever before. As the baby boomer population and their aging parents look for alternatives to nursing homes and care centers, Jayhawk Pharmacy Services offers aging-in-place and accessible home modification services to meet that need.

These accessible home modification services are designed to add safety, comfort, security, and independence for people who choose to stay in their own homes as they age or for people living with various illnesses and injuries. Jayhawk Pharmacy Services' nationally certified local aging-at-home consultants offer in-home consultations and evaluations to make a home safer and more accessible.

Accessible Home Modifications from CEAC Professionals

Accessible home modifications are available for almost any part of any room within your home. These modifications can be as simple as safety grab bars in the bathroom all the way to fully remodeled accessible bathrooms.  Let the qualified staff at Jayhawk Pharmacy Services work with you to find the solution that meets your needs and offers the most cost savings, comfort, safety, and independence. Starting with an evaluation of the customer’s needs and working with the homeowner on time and cost estimates, the Certified Environmental Access Consultants (C.E.A.C.) and members at Jayhawk will develop a plan that solves your home accessibility needs.

 Accessible Home Modifications From Jayhawk Pharmacy Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

Please visit the Jayhawk Pharmacy Services showroom to see these products and accessible designs in person. Contact the accessible home modification experts at Jayhawk Pharmacy  Services to learn more or to set up an in-home evaluation.

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