Jayhawk Pharmacy & Patient Supply

Prescription Refills and Trained Pharmacy Staff

Whether young or old, one time or many, at some point we all need to have a doctor’s prescription filled. When you do, depend on the trained pharmacists and pharmacy staff at Jayhawk Pharmacy to fill your prescriptions and provide expert consultation about your medication and possible medication interactions. The personalized service from hometown, local and caring Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply pharmacists will look for duplicate therapies, drug interactions and cost savings for you.

As a full-service pharmacy, Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply carries all of the over-the-counter medicines and supplies you would need. From pain relievers and cold medications to products designed to keep you healthy, see Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply first. If you need a medication created in a different form than what is normally available, the Compounding Pharmacists at Jayhawk Pharmacy have the answer. Visit the Jayhawk Pharmacy Custom Prescription Center page to learn more.

You are never a number at Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply. Submit prescriptions online, by phone or in person. Ask Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply about prescription home delivery.